Bilker Scene with taverns (brewery bar, billard) and restaurants (Chinese to Lebanese) within walking distance. Big supermarket in 200m distance.
The picturesque Old Town of Düsseldorf, the "Koe" boulevard and museums are attainable in 8 minutes by tramway from Bilk Station or 15 minutes within walking distance. Current meeting and exhibition program are laid out, as well as a city map.
The Fair and stadion "Merkur-Arena" in 8 km distance, can be reached within 30 minutes, by taking the subway U73 and subsequently the subway U78. By using the car it takes 15-30 min to reach these points.
Cologne in 35 km distance can be reached in 30-40 min.(by car ore train).

Nearby: Bilker Station (rapid-transit railway, subway, tramway, bus) and Düsseldorf Arcaden



Kunstsammlung NRW

Quadriennale Düsseldorf

Insel Hombroich



Tanzhaus NRW